Self Empowered Minds

With hypnosis we are able to bring that information to our conscious minds as well as reprogram minds to be free of these fears, phobias, advancement-preventing issues, happiness hindering memories as well as accelerate learning. Spiritual guidance of the third eye identifies energy potentials and blockages through Biofeedback and the reading of Turkish Coffee grinds - an ancient tradition intuitively absorbing the past and foreseeing the potential future.  

Completing the energy cycle of mind and spirit, trigger point stimulation is used to balance the body.  Acupressure methodologies clears blockages of the life energy that flows through our bodies.

With the Self-Empowered Minds system, hypnosis, intuition and energy awareness and balance is used to guide individuals to the harmonious fulfilling life they seek.

About The SEM System


There is no goal that can’t be reached. We can be and do anything we set our hearts to. 

Self Empowered Minds employs a unique system of behavioral, health and beauty therapies called the SEM System (SEM) which melds Mind, Spirit and Body.  With SEM, the Mind is reprogrammed through Hypnosis, the Body balanced through Hair Follicle Sampling, Biofeedback and Acupressure Trigger Point Stimulation and the Spirit is connected through intuitive Turkish Coffee Reading.

Though our conscious minds retain only a small portion of information, our unconscious minds remember every event, experience and acquired knowledge obtained throughout our lives.  This is both a blessing and curse of human nature and the reason we can or cannot succeed in endeavors.  An experience as a young child that may not even be recalled can shape the adult individuals behavior. 

In collaboration with the SEM System we offer Transformational Coaching by Hope McGrath, which is  a powerful personal development modality that greatly compliments the life-changing benefits of the SEM System. Saba and Hope combine their expertise to offer a full-service path to radical transformation.  As clients work closely with Saba to disarm themselves of stress-blockages, their energy is reignited and creativity and confidence is increased. As positive change unfolds, coaching with Hope opens up space for the redefining of life, to gain clarity, take risks, transform relationships, rediscover passions and be held accountable to take action. This is where coaching with Hope comes in... to guide and inspire a fresh perspective and unparalleled support towards attaining goals and achieving dreams that were once deferred or unknown. Miracles do occur.

The innovation of the SEM System, combined with
Transformation Coaching is an unparalleled healing and wellness methodology that results in radical, life-altering, positive change.