Self Empowered Minds


Saba is available by appointment at her office on the Upper Eastside where the tranquil healing environment takes visitors immediately into a state of relaxation upon entering.  In addition to Hypnosis/Biofeedback, Nutritional Follicle Analysis, Energy Healing and Intuitive Work, our group of healers include Dr. William Zev Roizer, Chiropractor, who goes beyond the bones to work with your energy, muscle testing and provide detox programs and Simone Lindner and her team who provides  deep bodywork sessions working progressively through the entire body to lengthen, stretch, and soften the tissue to restore postural balance by aligning and integrating the body in gravity.

The office is conveniently close to 4, 5, 6 and Q trains.  

Saba works closely beyond the office with TigerStrongNYC for fitness training and Hope McGrath for Transformational Coaching.

Behavioral, Health and Beauty sessions may be accomplished through the unique SEM System of hypnosis, biofeedback, Nutritional Follicle Analysis, acupressure and tasseography.  Change behavioral patterns, overcome phobias and reach goals/achievements of all kinds; strengthen your health, stomp out illness and disease, by clearing blocked meridians; and improve your beauty such reducing fine lines, losing weight and clearing varicose veins.

Some of the achievements include strengthening intuition, managing stress, boosting self-esteem and confidence, performance anxiety, past life recall, quitting smoking, losing weight, stopping procrastination, improving memory, reducing anxiety, healing ailments, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Every behavior and each individual will vary in the amount of sessions needed to successfully make a change.  Some individuals will have behavioral changes after just one session but may need a refresher after several months.  Another behavior change may take several sessions.  Most people succeed with one to five sessions.  Saba can make that assessment after the initial session.


Initial 90 minute visit: $245  
Followup 60 minute sessions: $195  

*Package of 5 followup sessions: $780 (Save $195)


Sampling, Consultation and Personal Nutritional Report $195

Sampling, Consultation and Personal Nutritional Report at time of hypnosis/Biofeedback $95


Initial Individual Sessions are 2 hours: $295  

Individual Sessions are 90 minutes: $245  

Couples Sessions 2 hours: $295 

*Package of 5 90min followup sessions:  $980
(Save $245)

Biofeedback is done by connecting the client to the computerized biofeedback device via straps to the limbs and head.


Biofeedback and Hypnosis is done at the same session

Initial Individual session 2.5 hour visit: $350 

Followup sessions 2 hours visit: $295
Couples session 2.5 hour visit: $350 

*Add $95 for each Nutritional Follicle Analysis if done at time of Hypnosis/Biofeedback Session

*Package of 5 2hour followup sessions: $1180 (Save $295)


Sessions are 60 Minutes: $195  
*Package of 8 60min sessions:  $1365 (Save $195)
For best results see SEM Skin Rejuvenation Program


The S.E.M SYSTEM Skin Rejuvenation Program incorporates skin management from the inside out.  With advanced Nutritional Follicle Analysis providing a complete personalized nutritional report, Biofeedback micro-current process to rehabilitate the skin and optional Facial Massage to relax the muscles, years may be reversed giving a youthful healthy complexion.

First Session Includes: 
- Nutritional Follicle Analysis and Nutritional Report 
- Biofeedback Micro-Current Skin Rejuvenation Session and Stress Blockage Report 
- Facial Massage - 20 min*

Subsequent Sessions Include:
- 11 Biofeedback Micro-Current Skin Rejuvenation Sessions - 1 hour each 
- 11 Facial Massage sessions - 20 min each

Total S.E.M SYSTEM Skin Rejuvenation Program includes all of the above for $2590 with Facial Massages Or $2100 without Facial Massages (Save up to $665)

Sessions are 60 Minutes: $195

*Package of 8 60min sessions:  $1365 
(Save $195)
For best results see SEM SYSTEM Body Sculpting Program


This intensive 12 week program is designed to bring you results quickly with a completely fresh look from the inside out.  During these 12 weeks, we work on reprogramming your unconscious mind to crave a balanced lifestyle and healthy foods, release stress at the organ level, cleanse and purify your body and rebuild/tone muscle.... all personalized for your specific needs to bring you the health and shape you've always craved!

First Session Includes: 

- Nutritional Follicle Analysis and Nutritional Report 

- Hypnosis/Biofeedback Session and Stress Blockage Report 

- Physical Fitness Consultation

- 21 Day Purification/Detox System and Consultation with Dr. Zev

Subsequent Sessions Include:

- 8 Hypnosis/Biofeedback Sessions - 1 hour each 

- 8 Fitness Trainings in private/small group settings - 1 hour each 

- 8 Lymphatic Massage sessions - 45 min each

- 2 Purification/Detox Followup Visits with Dr. Zev

Total S.E.M SYSTEM Body Sculpting Program includes all the above for $3675.00 (Save $1000)


Transformational Coaching and Hypnosis/Biofeedback sessions are provided in parallel as two separate services with one huge savings.

Premium Radiant Clarity Transformational Coaching Program:

  • Inspiration and clarity towards living out your intentions and dreams for yourself
  • Twelve 60- minute private coaching sessions with Hope McGrath.
  • Unlimited email or text check-ins for support in between sessions
  • A personalized post-session email detailing your weekly coaching assignments, challenges
  • 110% support, intuitive healing, mindfulness teachings, self-care spark, and transformational coaching expertise and partnership
  • Total Radiant Clarity Program $2500 (Savings of $500)

​Hypnosis/Biofeedback Program:

  • ​One initial 2-hour session which includes both hypnosis and biofeedback
  • Five 1.5 hour followup sessions.  Each session includes both hypnosis and biofeedback
  • 30-page Energy Reading Report showing Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Hormones, Emotions and Food Sensitivities
  • *Total Hypnosis/Biofeedback package $1100 (savings of $420)

*Total Hypnosis/Biofeedback with Transformational Coaching Program $3600
​ (Save $920) 

​*For Package purchases, entire package must be purchased upfront and used within six months of purchase.  Packages are not transferable to another person.

Payment by cash, credit card or PayPal (there is a service fee for credit card or PayPal)

Call or Email for an appointment: 917-658-1660

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: Cancellations/Rescheduling less than two days of the appointment date will be charged the full appointment fee.