Self Empowered Minds

Confident people are like magnets motivating others to perform well. They have the ability to see the positive side of situations maintaining an upbeat, welcoming energy.  Conquering fear or failure is achieved through mental and physical strong. 

1.    Eat Right- When we are nutritionally balanced, we are getting the necessary nutrients to our brains.  Our brains need all the nutrients to function properly.  For example, without a healthy diet, our thyroid could under function.  Over 23 percent of Americans are being treated for hypothyroidism.  With an under functioning thyroid, one may experience weight gain, fatigue, depression and an inability to focus.  How could a person possibly feel confident with these symptoms?  Have a
Nutritional Hair Follicle Analysis done to determine whether your vitamins, minerals, omegas and amino acids are balanced

2.    Exercise- Could exercise effect my brain?  Absolutely!  Without sufficient exercise our lymphatics are sluggish and circulation is slow.  Our lymphatics are responsible for pushing toxins out of the body.  Exercise also causes us to perspire which is another way of detoxing.  Toxins cause brain fog, depression, anxiety, weight gain and fatigue.

3.    Make a List- The more we accomplish the more confident we feel.  Make a list at the end of each day for the things to accomplish the next day.  Be realistic with the amount of time to accomplish each task.  Order tasks by priority and proximity should the task require travel.

4.    Think Positive- Start your day with positive affirmations focusing on good things in your life that may be small but worthy. Always speak the affirmations as “I am…  I have the ability to…” instead of “I want… I wish to… “.  If you encounter a challenge, think on the benefits of accepting that challenge. Find humor in bad situations. Always learn a lesson from your challenges. You can turn negative self talk into positive self task. 

5.     Clean Out Your Mental Closet- If there are experiences from your past holding you back, consider hypnosis to clean sweep your mind.  Though hypnosis will not make you forget your past, it will stop the endless movie of that experience from replaying in your unconscious mind which is what causes procrastination and other self-destructive behaviors.

6.    Visualize Yourself as You Want to Be- Always create the goal that is achievable for you and start to visualize the achievement. When you visualize your goal, your brain generates impulses that tells our neurons to perform well. For example- you want to win a marathon, visualize that you have crossed the line and you are wearing the winning medal. It will add great confidence in you to win. Put all your efforts to be in the winner place. You have to observe how other achievers perform in this work, how they achieved this, what they did and if you can do the same. 

7.     Focus on Solutions- Focusing on the solution instead of the problem boosts your confidence giving a sense of accomplishment.  Analyze the problem and see what skills you need to find the solution. If necessary, reach out to others. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.