Self Empowered Minds


The biofeedback device, SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system), is an advanced computerized technology that gathers bio-energetic data from the Body via fifty-five parameters simultaneously screening and clearing thousands of items of reaction. It is a widely used technology that is non-invasive and safe with applications in the physical, mental and esthetic fields. 

Each session includes 60 minute Biofeedback technology in which the active mechanisms of micro-current aids in the increase circulation of blood and lymphatic systems resulting in an increased metabolism and a reduction in cellulite. 

How Biofeedback micro-current treatments work:
•    Increase circulation and oxygenation
•    Re-educate muscles
•    Increase metabolism

•    Stimulates motivation for exercise
•    Trigger production of important amino acids and ATP

One of micro-current’s biggest benefits is the boosting of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy carrier molecule that transfers energy from chemical bonds to endergonic (energy absorbing) reactions within the cell for building proteins, contracting muscles and other biological functions.

The Biofeedback Process
Biofeedback conductive bracelets are placed around the wrists, and ankles. These bracelets, allow for subtle micro-current vibrations to be gently presented to the body. In addition, a head harness is worn around the forehead, delivering vibrations directly to the muscles.  While receiving the benefits of the micro-currents, hypnosis is performed to retrain the unconscious mind allowing desired behaviors to be established.  At our center, Lymphatic Massages, Muscle Testing and Body Cleanse Consultation are recommended and available to accelerate the weight loss process.

How many sessions are needed?
The number of sessions will vary depending on the nutritional, physical and emotional participation.  Most people notice a reduction in appetite, increased desire for healthy foods and a relaxed more confident feeling from just the first Biofeedback session.  

Though the number of sessions to reach the desired goal is dependent on the individual and their participation, goals are most often achieved after 5 to 12 sessions. Optimal usage is four times in the first month and gradually reducing down for subsequent weeks.

Best results are achieved with the S.E.M SYSTEM Body Sculpting Program