Self Empowered Minds



How many sessions will it take to see a change?

This varies on the person and the behavior being modified.  Very often with just one session the client will experience a 

change however in most cases 3-6 visits are needed to reach the desired goal.

Once the changes are successful, are they permanent?

Since the unconscious mind has been rewired, changes are permanent.  However, circumstances may cause that behavior to want to reappear at a later time in which another "booster" session may be necessary. 

During Hypnosis, can you make me do something against my will?

Absolutely not.  The unconscious mind will not allow any behavior that is against the individuals moral or ethics.

Will I be aware of what is happening during hypnosis?

The depth of the trance you will be taken to is dependent on the hypnotic process.  The hypnotic process will be determined based on the individual and the behavior that needs modification.  When in a trance, it is like being in a light sleep.  You may remember absolutely everything and even be responding to questions or you may feel like you have gone into a deep sleep but are very aware of your thoughts and images.

Could hypnosis effect me in the wrong way?

No.  Hypnosis applied correctly will effect you in a positive way though it may take more than one session to achieve the desired behavior.

Can hypnosis uncover things I don't want to deal with?

If you are not ready to deal with a behavior, then your unconscious mind will indicate this.  However, Saba will then determine why and how to allow the behavioral change to take place. 

Is it possible I won't be able to get out of the trance?

No.  You may find that you are very happy and relaxed in the trance however, on instruction of the hypnotist, you will return from trance.

Can anybody be hypnotized?

Most people can however, some people will have a difficult time letting go and allowing themselves to enter a relaxed state.  Saba will help you relax and overcome any resist you may be experiencing.  A person with heavy resistance may take longer to go into trance.  The more often you go into trance, the quicker you go into trance.