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You are what you eat.... and your hair follicles tell it all.  Hair Follicle samples are digitally processed mapping the relevancy of your epigenetic information.  Over 800 key indicators are mapped and used to create an individualized complete Optimize Wellness Report providing clear information to help you implement a food and nutrition regime that will optimize gene expression for wellness, sports performance, beauty and aging and weight & shape.

In just 20 minutes, a full comprehensive report is received.  This is achieved by plucking four to six hair samples from the nape of the neck and placing them onto the sophisticated follicle sampling device where they are digitally scanned and sent via internet to the center in Germany.  Hairs signature waves are translated into a comprehensive personal report indicating the foods that should be eaten or avoided based on your vitamin, mineral, amino acids, antioxidants and omega detections in your hair follicles.  Hair Follicle Sampling is recommended once every 90 days in order to reexamine the personalized nutritional report based on the lifestyle changes made.