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S.E.M SYSTEM Skin Rejuvenation Program incorporates skin management from the inside out.  Using advanced Nutritional Follicle Analysis for a complete personalized nutritional report, Biofeedback/MicroCurrent process to rehabilitate the skin and optional Facial Massage to relax the muscles, years may be reversed giving a youthful healthy complexion.

We are what we eat. Beautiful glowing skin starts with a healthy balanced diet and life style. In the first session, using advanced technology, Hair Follicle samples are digitally processed mapping the relevancy of your epigenetic information.  Over 800 key indicators are mapped and used to create an individualized complete Optimize Wellness Report providing clear information to help you implement a food and nutrition regime that will optimize gene expression for wellness, sports performance, beauty and aging and weight & shape.

The Facial Massage, though optional, is highly recommended for the benefits it delivers as it relaxes the facial muscles to fight wrinkles and fine lines while increasing circulation helping in collagen production to improve skin elasticity and preventing the development unwanted facial features, like whiteheads, acne and skin blemishes.  The Facial Massage may be requested as a pretreatment to accelerate the benefits of the Biofeedback/MicroCurrent process.

Biofeedback releases stress blockages caused by our environment and lifestyle.  Biofeedback/MicroCurrent is a 60 minute treatment involving the use of gentle electrical impulses from which muscles are rehabilitated, circulation, texture and tone are improved and fine lines diminished. Biofeedback/MicroCurrent works to “reprogram” the muscles to nearly the original muscle shape.  

From just the first session, your complexion will display signs of improvement from the biofeedback/microcurrent while the optional detailed nutritional report customized for your needs will inform you of the foods your skin hungers for so you may continue to nutritionally support the improvements being received from biofeedback/microcurrent sessions.