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Saba Hocek's keen and intuitive understanding coupled with her use of hypnosis to identify and redirect negative energy has changed the way I navigate in the world.  Clearly, she has a gift and has found a vehicle to share and repair the negative habits and thoughts that sometimes block our ability to operate successfully in our work and personal lives.  My work with Saba has been extremely restorative and has launched a new beginning for me in how I approach and move through fears, anxieties, and ideas.    Her methods are simple, gentle, and calming; her results extraordinary.
Isabel Hill, Writer/Filmmaker

My session with Saba was very relaxing as well as enlightening. I was struggling with extreme anxiety and Saba helped me to let it go by making me aware of what my mind is capable of achieving. She provided me with the tools to open my awareness to my personal power. Very effective, relaxing and life altering. 

Cindy from NYC

Saba has changed my life! 

I felt she was so connected.
She knew exactly what to say to make me feel comfortable exploring issues that were difficult for me to explore.
Saba helped me to overcome the things that were holding me back.
Saba is truly involved & cares. She wants to see me be happy and be the best person i knew i could always be.
Risa H.  from New York 

Saba's hypnosis workshop is very practical and efficient .it was a like meditation session that gives me relief and relaxation. During the workshop i felt the difference of my energy level. After my first workshop I have started having motivation that i asked for. She is a great guidance to help me to reach my personal goals.

Burcu from Ankara, Turkey and NY

It provided me an experience that I otherwise wouldn't easily consider. I recommend the bio-feedback with hypnosis for anyone that desires a thorough understanding of their physical and emotional wellbeing. You'll get a thorough report to review on your own. Really looking forward to mine. TMI: but, I've been experiencing a mucus buildup at the throat that would cause me to unattractively spit out often. By the end of the session my throat is clearer than its been the last 2 years! To get proof of progress that quickly is very assuring. Her hypnosis exposed buried emotions over circumstances I thought I resolved so I was shocked very close to overwhelmed when they surfaced. 
Anaelle T. ·

Saba is awesome very attentive can't wait for my second session
Jazznery O

It was a great experience. Very helpful, illuminating and beneficial. I'm returning for another session. Definitely worth investing in!
Fernando U.

Saba is very intuitive and helpful with underlinning issues in the the bodys energy system.It was very helpful to see my bio-feedback results and, made complete sence with my symptoms. Highly recommended!!

I highly recommend Saba and her Biofeedback/ hypnosis sessions. Saba is a gifted , generous, intuitive, compassionate woman who made me feel completely at ease during our 2 1/2 hour session. The insight and information i received was amazing. I have already booked my next session and feel very confident that our work together will help me achieve my desired outcomes.
Tina M.