Self Empowered Minds

the realization that we do not have to live a life of dreams deferred. I stand for the impermanence of life. I stand for a multi-cultural world of peace, inclusion and acceptance.”

Dedication leads to the results from the Transformational Coaching program...

  • Confidence blossoms when you rediscover your authentic self and live by this insight
  • Goal attainment....finally. You “just do it.”
  • Clarity & Effective decision making. Get more things done with swift, precise decisions.
  • Introduction to mindfulness practices for more peace of mind
  • Happier interpersonal relationships. Miscommunication and anger transforms miraculously.....seriously
  • Positive Energy flow. Good things start happening for you and around you.

Transformational Coaching with Hope McGrath:

Hope McGrath, a Transformational Coach, works with creatives & changemakers  who feel stagnant in their lives and have a strong desire to make a seismic shift, to rediscover their passions, clear out blocks and step into their power within their relationships and career. Hope's clients want to make a big impact in this world with authentic joy, yet seek clarity and a boost of confidence to achieve their biggest goals and wildest dreams. With a unique blend of coaching, psychology, mindfulness teachings, creativity and style, Hope McGrath is the 'Transformation Specialist.'  She inspires others to transform relationships, blossom in their career and live mindfully with a sense of peace and joy in their lives.  Hope McGrath states, ”I stand for people discovering their life's purpose and living a life filled with passion & fulfillment. I stand for no longer going with the flow, but radiating in your power. I stand for the power of loving, intimate relationships. I stand for